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Hi – my name is Thomas Bonderup. It’s hard to start or run an online business today if you do not have the technical skills to develop your online business. The problem is that there is a huge lack of skilled programmers, and you often need to work with major IT companies, which have a staggering high hourly rate, and which do not give you a high priority. You are just something for their junior web developer who needs a learning experience.

Its over.

Since the summer 2015 has the web development company TB Coding from Aalborg helped to develop online business for many small and medium-sized companies, entrepreneurs and self-employed people all around the world.

If you are thinking of starting a business, or if you are running an existing company and need technical assistance that your current programmer can not handle, we would love to hear from you.

Web Development

At TB Coding, we offer freelance programming, where you can rent a programmer on an hourly rate or  on project basis. Our primary field of work is freelance programming in the content management system WordPress.

We are a Web development company that is used to working for traditional and agile software development methods. Therefore, we can easily join a team if you need an additional programmer.

Websites and webshop

In TB Coding, we are very good at WordPress Development and WooCommerce Development. We have been working with WordPress since 2012, and we currently own several major websites and webshops based on WordPress. We know exactly how good websites and webshops in WordPress should be made, but also how they should be marketed so you can reach a lot of customers.

WordPress is a user-friendly website system where you can easily enter and create texts with image and video. WordPress is free to use, and it is currently being used on millions of websites worldwide.

Online Marketing

You can get help with Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords, Social Media, Text Constitution, and Affiliate Marketing at TB Coding.

TB Coding has worked very much with affiliate marketing in recent years, where we market other companies’ products against commission. As a result, we have become very good at online marketing over time.

We have a technical background in TB Coding, which enables us to help set up systems and software for online marketing. We are happy to assist in automation of online marketing tasks.

Customers at TB Coding

Typical customers

At TB Coding, we focus on helping small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs and self-employed people who want to start a business online or run a business online already.

Our typical customers are:

  • Software companies and web development companies;
  • Entrepreneurs who focus on the business;
  • Website owners, webshop owners and bloggers;
  • Customers working with affiliate marketing;
  • Engineers and other self-employed persons;
  • Small production companies, trading companies, retail companies and service companies;
  • Sports athletes, sports clubs, sports organizations, nutritionists, physical trainers and physiotherapists;
  • Handball players, handball coaches, handball clubs;

Specific services

We offer 4 different services to our customers: Programming, Website development, Webshop development and Online Marketing.

Services customers typically demand:

  • Cheap WordPress website
  • Professional WordPress website
  • New WooCommerce Webshop
  • WordPress Subscription Webshop
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Adwords
  • Social Media
  • Copywriting
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Webmaster

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