Affiliate Marketing

With TB Coding, you can get help setting up and optimizing your affiliate marketing campaigns so you can earn more money through affiliate marketing.

Setting up and optimizing affiliate marketing

We can assist you with the following:

WordPress development
WooCommerce development
Search Engine Optimization
Google Adwords
Social Media

TB Coding has more than 5 years of experience with affiliate marketing, both as an advertiser / webshop and affiliate partner / publisher. We therefore have a great know-how about affiliate marketing and we help you from the start so you avoid making stupid startup errors with affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is performance based marketing, where a company rewards one to more affiliates whenever they can obtain a customer, sales, lead or sign up for newsletter. Affiliates provide the customer with online marketing, eg on their own websites, blogs, web portals, price portals, Facebook or using Google Adwords.

The agreement between company and affiliates typically takes place through an affiliate network (intermediary), which tracks tracking of sales, commission and settlement.

Affiliate marketing is a popular and effective form of marketing as you as a company give responsibility for sales and marketing to its affiliates, and only pay each time they can get a sale. You can quickly build and manage a whole range of sellers using affiliate marketing.

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