TB Coding has several years of experience with the wording of good texts for websites and webshop. We have a network of skilled writers who can deliver high quality texts quickly and cheaply. We are negotiating if you need texts in larger quantities.

Good texts help you get higher in search engines, and it’s a great way to create more dynamics on websites and webshops.

Texts for websites and webshops

If you run a website or webshop, good unique product texts are important as they help the customer in the decision-making process when purchasing your product.

Product text is unfortunately something most website and webshop owners skip easily because it takes time to write the product texts. It is usually worth writing these product texts as they have a high return of investment. In short, good product texts help create more product sales (higher conversion percentages), and they can help you provide higher rankings on google.

TB Coding has several writers connected, which are ready to write product texts and category texts cheaply to your website or webshop.

Category Texts

If you run a webshop and use product categories to divide the products, you can write some good long category texts for your categories. It helps make your product categories more visible on Google, and at the same time you can help the visitor find the product he / she is looking for.

At TB Coding we run our own webshops, and we have been very successful with short category text at the top and see a longer category text at the bottom of the products on the category page. Then the products are still visible even though there is a lot of text on the category page.

Texts for Affiliate Marketing

If you own an affiliate website, you can also write texts / articles for affiliate marketing eg articles, blogs, posts, guides, reviews. We have years of experience in affiliate marketing, so we know exactly what works.

Texts for newsletters

Should you have written texts for your newsletter, TB Coding is also ready to help. We get into your business and help you write texts for your newsletter.

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