Google Maps and WordPress

Google Maps allows you to easily add to your wordpress website or webshop, so the customer can easily find out where your business is.

TB Coding has made brand new wordpress woocommerce webshop to Sørensen Transport and Trade – click here to see the entire case. The webshop is called sørensenbiobræ Here we have used the Google Maps API to view the coverage area of Sørensen Biofuel. Covering area is the area in Denmark, where Sørensen Biobrændsel supplies pallets and loose goods. You can see how Google Maps coverage area looks like in wordpress in the image below.

Google Maps functionality in WordPress

Google Maps at Sørensenbiobræ

The customer can click on both the blue and green fields, where a text appears. The text says that Sørensen Biobrændsel supplies in this area, etc.

The customer can zoom in and out on Google Maps and use the other features built into Google Maps. This allows the customer to quickly find his / her own address on the card and thus can see if they deliver to the area in which the customer lives. The customer thus gets a good overview compared to if there was a table with zip codes or a static image with coverage.

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