Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a free tool that helps you collect information that you can use to maintain and optimize your website. It’s a great help if you want good placements on google.

Overview of Google Webmaster Tools features:

  • Overview of your keywords (Click Exposures, CTR, Placements)
  • Overview of your external links
  • Overview of your internal links
  • Overview of URL Error
  • Adding your Sitemap + many more features

Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools

TB Coding helps you set up Google Webmaster tools. You can call 22 39 34 91 or you can send an email to if you need help.

I make sure you get Google Webmaster Tools properly configured to work properly. Once Google Webmaster Tools has been set up, the tool begins to collect data that can then be used for maintenance and optimization of your website or webshop. Here I will advise you to get the most out of Google Webmaster Tools.

My experience with Google Webmaster Tools

I use Google Webmaster Tools on a daily basis, and I’ve used it since 2012 when I run my own websites in the company TB Coding. I have years of experience with Google Webmaster Tools. It’s good to you because I know what to do and what you should not do when using Google Webmaster Tools. For example, do not mess with the settings yourself if you do not understand what you are doing. It can quickly have negative consequences for your location on Google and you should avoid it.


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