New info screen for Terndrup IF

TB Coding has created a new info screen for the input at Terndrup IF Klubhus, so information from Terndrup IF’s website is displayed on a TV screen. For example, the following information will appear on the info screen: upcoming matches at Terndrup Stadium, trajectory at Terndrup Stadium, dressing room, sponsor overview and products from Terndrup IF Webshop, as TB Coding has also made.

Info Screen

The information on the info screen is displayed using an Intel NUC, which is connected to a regular flat screen TV via an HDMI cable. NUC stands for Next Unit of Computing, and it is a small mini computer with windows 10 installed.

Intel NUC Next Unit of Computing

Intel NUC – Next Unit of Computing

It acts like an ordinary computer, only in a smaller size, so it does not stand in the clubhouse. The mini computer is connected to wireless internet, so information can be viewed from We have then set a page on the wordpress website, which is adapted to the info screen. We have set the mini computer to automatically open the homepage when the mini computer is turned on.

Upcoming matches at Terndrup Stadium

On the info screen, the upcoming matches will be shown at Terndrup Stadium. It is made using a wordpress plugin called EventON. Here, Terndrup IF’s matches have been created, and we have so sorted in the data, so that only matches are displayed at Terndrup Stadium. In the meantime, we plan to automate this process, so data will be retrieved directly from

Road distribution at Terndrup Stadium

Terndrup IF has a lot of football teams that train at the same time and it has caused little chaos as to which teams have which football pitches at Terndrup Stadium when training football. We have then used the info screen to show a job distribution so that the teams can easily find out where to train.


The info screen also shows where the different teams will dress in the Terndrup IF clubhouse. In this connection, we have made an extra point (info screen) for the admin menu in wordpress, where you can easily change which teams dress in the different changing rooms. Then the members of Terndrup IF are free to enter and correct the code each time changing teams in the different changing rooms.

Sponsor Overview

There will also be shown all Terndrup IF sponsors on the info screen, which will give the sponsors more daily exposure in Terndrup clubhouse. By the way, we have also made a new sponsorship page for Terndrup IF’s website.

Setting up the info screen

If you need help with setting up an info screen, feel free to contact me at 22393491 or at mail

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