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TB Coding has recently worked on a brand new WordPress WooCommerce design for the wine webshop At the same time, new servers have changed, so loads faster. There has also been added ssl certificate to the webshop.

Flatsome WordPress theme

The design is built around the WordPress theme Flatsome, which is one of the most popular WordPress themes for WooCommerce Webshops. It is definitely one of the best WordPress themes I’ve ever worked with in TB Coding.

Flatsome has, first of all, a really cool checkout, which gives the customer a good overview of checkout on the webshop. In addition, there is an ocean of features with drag and drop functionality. This makes vinoli himself able to make changes to the webshop without having to tag something himself.

Better WooCommerce product overview sells several different wines as a single sale. Here, TB Coding has spent some time optimizing the product overview, making it more transparent to the customer. This is where the customer gets an overview of the different wines, and it is therefore easy for the customer to find what they are looking for.

We have chosen to make a setup with the products to the right and the product categories on the left. This allows customers to quickly switch to another product category without having to use the main menu.

WooCommerce product view

The effect of the new WooCommerce design

We can already see that ranks better on google. This is especially because the page loads much faster after the new design was implemented and switched to new server. Google weighs website speed high in their search algorithm.

An increased website speed makes a far better user experience for their customers. For example, we can see in Google Analytics that customers stay longer at and visit more pages than before the new design. In short, the new design gives a longer visit time and a smaller rejection rate on new visitors.

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