is a fitness blog owned by TB Coding. The website was created back in February 2013, and I have so continuously developed and written content for the website.

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I have a great passion for fitness and elite sports since I have played handball on elite level for many years. I have a lot of experience with strength training and nutrition, and these are the experiences I share at I market (affiliate marketing) also a number of different products from companies in the fitness industry at

I think the fitness industry is incredibly exciting because of the many business opportunities (fitness centers, dietary supplements, exercise equipment) + the size of the fitness industry, and that’s why I started back in its time. The fitness industry is particularly exciting following the next couple of years as there are many opportunities with Internet Of Things and Biotech. For example, there are fitness bracelets that can track physical activity, sleep, pulse, etc. There are, for example, 3D printers developed that can print nutrition-optimized food.

You are always welcome to contact TB Coding if you need help in the fitness industry. I know the industry well gradually and I have a technical approach to things since I’m a computer engineer. I can offer: programming, web development, search engine optimization and content marketing in the fitness industry.