is a gadget website that I started back in November 2014. The homepage is a list of gadgets that allow you to find fun gadgets across Danish gadget webshops.

Link to is made in wordpress, which is a user-friendly content management system. Here I have used WooCommerce to create the product setup. WooCommerce is an eCommerce plug-in for wordpress, which makes it possible to make a webshop in wordpress. However, I do not use the webshop functionality, since acts as an affiliate marketing website.

It’s because I send visitors to on to other gadget retailers where I get commissioned if there are some visitors that buy from gadget retailers. It is not possible to buy gadgets directly at

I help gadget resellers to create more sales in their webshop against commission. Gadget retailers should not use so much energy to market their products since I do it for them through affiliate marketing.

Here’s an overview of what I’ve done on

  • Setup of wordpress
  • Setup of WooCommerce
  • Setting up hundreds of products in WooCommerce
  • Programming in WooCommerce
  • Search engine optimization of
  • Writer’s work
  • Speed optimization of wordpress

Feel free to contact me if you need help with affiliate marketing. I have been working with affiliate marketing since 2012, and I run several affiliate projects daily, including I have a whole lot of know how about affiliate marketing that can help you well on your way if you have not worked with affiliate marketing before.