Hforum.dk is a Danish handball forum where handball players and handball coaches can discuss handball related topics. The forum was developed by TB Coding and is based on some open source software, called the ASP.NET MVC Forum.

Link to hforum.dk.

Hforum.dk acts as a regular forum where you can create a user and then debate and write with other burgers. The individual threads / posts are divided into categories, and it is possible to add tags and rating. A leaderboard has been created that ranks the most active users. Activity tab is activity feed, where you will see recent activity of users. The individual users can earn emblems for solving small tasks on the site. Backend has been made for both regular users and admin users.

We chose to make hforum.dk at the time when we felt that there was a good handball forum in Denmark. We chose to use ASP.NET MVC Forum as it has a lot of good forum features built-in and so it’s very flexible to work. We could also have created a forum in wordpress with, for example, plugin bbpress, which many choose to do today. The plug-in bbpress has its limitations on some points as it does not have so many