is a small niche website / blog that goes into depth with programming, programming training and books on programming. I started the website on the 2nd semester of computer science education back in April 2014.

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I have so often shared a lot of information on the website, for example, what you do at the computer science program, which books we have used, which subjects you have on the education, etc. Everything else can help future programmers who want to further on the industry and the Options there are. It has also been a good way for me to reflect a little over the education when I have written texts for is built in wordpress, which is the content management system that I primarily work with. I also made the website of its time to get some more experience with wordpress, so I could enrich myself in wordpress. There are many things to consider when starting and running a website in wordpress. I have tried this many times since I have started several different website projects, which I still run today.

The fact that I’m running wordpress websites themselves means that I keep my knowledge about wordpress updated in relation to the latest of the latest. It will benefit my customers in TB Coding, as it helps to increase the quality of my work. also helps branding my company TB Coding, as it is in the same industry. It is a great help to my company as it gives me an additional branch of potential customers that I can reach. I’m really glad I started back in its time.

If you have an online business, website and the like, you should seriously consider a separate blog / website as it is a good way to reach even more customers.