Search Engine Optimization

Get to the top of Google with search engine optimization (SEO) from TB Coding.

TB Coding has several years of experience with search engine optimization. TB Coding has a large portfolio of own websites, where there has been search engine optimization over several years. In addition, TB Coding has helped more companies with search engine optimization, among others, Jugel & Co. ApS, DanDomain A/S, Aps, Vinoli I/S.

Internal search engine optimization

Internal search engine optimization is all of the things that you can optimize on your own website so you can get better placements on google.

Keyword Analysis

In order to be found in search results on Google, it is important that you optimize your website or webshop for the right keywords. You should preferably find the keywords / search phrases the customer is searching for. In this regard, TB Coding helps you to make a keyword analysis, where we find the most optimal keywords, so you can get more customers in the biksen.

Content – Optimizing Content + New Content

Content (text, images and video) is great if you want to go to the top of Google with your website or webshop.

TB Coding provides help with text editing, eg optimization of current content or creation of new content for your website or webshop. TB Coding has several writers connected, who are ready to write for you at a fixed price.

Speed optimization

The speed of your website also affects your locations on google and the actual user experience on the website. At speed, it is meant how fast your website loads in a web browser.

TB Coding uses primarily W3 Total Cache plugin for speed optimization of wordpress websites. We have speeded up several websites with great success.

Page titles and meta descriptions

Your page titles and meta descriptions also affect your locations on google. Page titles and meta descriptions are the visuals that you see when searching google.

TB Coding helps you optimize your page titles and meta descriptions to suit the keywords you want to rank. We also optimize your products and services so that customers get a good first-hand impression of your business when they search on google.

Internal link building

The structure and way of navigating your website also has great importance for your locations on Google.

TB Coding helps you optimize the website so the customer and Google search engine can easily find your website.

External search engine optimization

When there is good control of the internal search engine optimization, it is also worth looking at the external search engine optimization. It is especially link building that is really good to work with if you want better placements on Google.


Linkbuilding is about getting other websites to link to you, so you can get visitors and authority from other websites. If there are many websites that link to your website, it is typically a sign of popularity and credibility. It greatly helps to provide better placements on google.

However, there is a big difference between the value of a link. For example, a link from a small website does not have as much value as a link from a large website.

TB Coding has been working with linkbuilding for several years and we will help you well if you need more links.

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