Social Media

There are huge potentials in marketing on social media, as virtually all people use social media today in one way or another.

You can reach a lot of people via social media.

At TB Coding, you can get help with the use of social media as a business. We have knowledge of all the popular social media and marketing thereafter.


Facebook is the world’s largest social media where you can chat with each other + share and comment on articles, photos and videos. On facebook you can create a company profile that you can use to promote your business and chat directly with its customers. Facebook has an advertising system built-in that you can use to market your business for a fee.


Twitter is a big social media where you can share / tweete short short messages. It’s a form of micro blogging that you can use to promote yourself and your businesses. It is also possible to become visible with twitter advertisements in the news feed on twitter.


The Google search engine has more products and services that you can use to make your business more visible on the web. Google My Business and Google+ are two actions most businesses should look into.

Google My Business

Google My Business allows you to make your business more visible on Google. For example, you can add phone numbers, opening hours, directions to your business directly in Google search results, and Google Maps. It is also possible to add customer review and images of your businesses, services and products on Google with a Google My Business Profile.


Google+ is Google’s social media, where you can share information with your customers. Here you can become visible with both your private profile and a company profile, which you can use to share with customers and other businesses. Google+ also gives you the opportunity to get directly into your customers search results on Google if they follow your Google+ profile.


Instagram is a social media where you share photos and videos. Instagram has an advertising system built-in that you can use to market images and videos of your products and services for a fee.


Youtube is a website where you can share videos. Here you can upload videos for free with a user, and you will see and comment on other videos for free. Videos uploaded on youtube can be viewed on their own website or webshop by adding a piece of code. Youtube has an advertising system built in which you can display ads for a fee.

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