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We are committed to helping our customers to achieve a sound and profitable business. In this regard, we have compiled a free “Start Your Own Business Course” that can help you in the right direction if you want to be a business owner or already.

The course consists of videos and books that we have had great benefit over time. The course is completely free. The only thing that costs something is the books, and you can even consider whether you want to invest in the books. We have also added some of the mentors that we follow in our daily lives.


There are many good books that can help you a lot if you have your own business. In this connection we have collected a few good books that have helped us a lot with our work on and in TB Coding.

John Hanover
Self-employed (foundation and operation of business, VAT, tax)

Thomas Rosenstand
SEO-LEX (search engine optimization)

Michael E. Gerber
The E Mith Revisited – Why Most Small Business Do not Work and What To Do About It

MJ Demarco
The Millionaire Fastlane – Crack the code to wealth and live rich for a lifetime

Peter Drucker
Managing yourself

William A. Sahlman
How to Write a Great Business Plan


Here is an overview of people you should follow.

Grant Cardone

Patrick Bet-David

Tai Lopez
Snapchat: tailopez1

Evan Carmichael

Brian Tracy

Cliff Ennico

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