WooCommerce Subscription

With TB Coding, you can install and set up subscription functionality at your WooCommerce webshop so you can start selling products and services on subscription. The functionality itself is based on WooCommerce plug-in WooCommerce subscription.

Subscription webshop case

TB Coding is part of the wine shop vinoli.dk, which sells wine on subscription. Here we use the wordpress plug-in WooCommerce Subscription to handle all of our subscription products.

We can also handle all of our customers who have purchased a product on subscription. All subscription functionality is in short integrated with the WooCommerce plugin and it works really well.

VINBOXEN subscription

Our subscription is called VINBOXEN. It is a wine box that contains 3 bottles of wine + a wine list that contains a description of the wines and the area from which they come. On the back of the wine list there are offers for the 3 bottles of wine. All wines are selected by a wine expert who has more than 45 years of wine experience.

Subscription – binding, delivery and payment

VINBOXEN is available without binding (SEK 299 per month), 3 months bond (269 SEK per month) and 6 months bond (249 SEK per month). The customer can also choose his own preferences eg Italian VINBOX or the world around with Vinoli VINBOXEN.

Once the customer has added the VINBOXEN subscription to the basket, the customer can choose delivery options and payment options in the checkout.

Automatic subscription

The VINBOXS are sent at the beginning of each month, and here we also deduct the money from the customer who has a subscription to a VINBOX. It’s a little easier than sending packages every day. Once the money has been deducted, the subscription will be renewed automatically. The subscription will stop, for example, when the customer chooses to terminate or after the bond period.

We are very pleased with WooCommerce Subscription at vinoli.dk, as it works really well and so it has helped us cheaply in advance of having developed subscription functionality from scratch. WooCommerce Subscription is highly recommended for those who want a subscription-based webshop.

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