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In connection with launch of Luxbeer.dk, TB Coding has launched a wordpress coming soon page with countdown functionality, which shows the days of launch of Luxbeer.dk. TB Coding has also made it possible for the customer to read more about the concept on the other hand, making a contact form, which sends mails directly to luxbeer.dk’s mail.

Luxbeer.dk is a new concept that sells specialty beer on subscription. You can read more about what TB Coding has made for Luxbeer in this reference about luxbeer.dk.

WordPress coming soon page integrated with MailChimp

Coming soon page to Luxbeer.dk has helped Luxbeer.dk to collect a lot of customer email addresses to their email list. These emails can luxbeer.dk use to get customers into the webshop when launching a newsletter. TB Coding has linked their coming soon page together with MailChimp, so luxbeer.dk can manage all these mails and newsletters more easily.

MailChimp is one of the best plugins in wordpress to collect email addresses publishing newsletters. You are more than welcome to contact TB Coding on tel. +358 22 39 34 91 or mail tb@tbcoding.dk for a non-binding offer on a coming soon page that is integrated with MailChimp.

WordPress coming soon page price

A wordpress coming soon page made by TB Coding typically does not cost more than a couple of hours of work. There are countless wordpress coming soon plugins that can be installed and set up in an hour. Then, typically, it’s an hour’s work with creating and integrating MailChimp, so it works with the new coming soon page.

You can see three pictures of Luxbeer.dk coming soon page here:

Luxbeer.dk Coming Soon Page

Luxbeer.dk Coming Soon Page With Contact Form

Luxbeer.dk Coming Soon Page With Information

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