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What is a wordpress website

WordPress is the largest and most popular website system in the world. It is based on a user-friendly website system, where you can easily enter and write texts with pictures and videos.

I make wordpress websites, and here I help with installation, setup, design and programming. I do everything technical as a webmaster, so you can focus on what you are good at in your business.

I have been working with wordpress since 2012, and I run several websites daily, which are built in wordpress. I have delivered professional wordpress solutions to customers since the summer of 2015.

WordPress website with responsive design

When ordering a website at TB Coding, you always get a responsive design on your website that makes the content on the website adapt to the different screen sizes on computer, mobile and tablet. This makes it easier for the customer to navigate the website and it contributes to a good user experience.

A responsive design also helps to provide better placements on google as Google’s search algorithm looks at whether the site is user friendly on the various platforms. It is important that you make / switch to resposive design as soon as possible if your business is to be on the long run.

WordPress website support and update

I always offer support to my customers, and here I help with all the tasks that you need help with. You are not tied to any fixed subscription when you purchase a website solution at TB Coding. There is a big plus for you as a customer as it is very different what is needed and can be made on a monthly-to-month website in the long run.

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