Real-time Event Stream Processing with Apache Kafka and Confluent Platform

The companies of the future are defined in software, and many companies are now building their products and services around scalable real-time event stream processing platforms with Apache Kafka and Confluent Platform. These platforms form the fundamental basis for processing data in companies that use Artificial Intelligence, Robot Technology, Internet of Things, 5G and Cloud Infrastructure.

TB offers development and setup of Apache Kafka and Confluent Platform:

  • Configuration of Apache Kafka or Confluent Platform (AWS and Confluent Cloud).
  • Microservice Development with Producer API and Consumer API.
  • Microservice Development with Kafka Streams for Stream Processing.
  • ksqlDB (streams, tables, push, pull, connector configs, custom functions).
  • System Integration with Kafka Connect (source, sink, transformation, converter).
  • Schema Management (Avro, JSON, Protobuf).
  • ElasticSearch & Kibana Dashboard.
  • TensorFlow I/O.

Use cases:

  • Scalable IoT Data Streaming Platform for the transportation industry for Predictive Maintenance use cases.
  • Global IoT Data Streaming Platform på AWS customer support use cases with IoT devices.


Thomas Bonderup - Freelance Software Engineer - Apache Kafka

Freelance Software Engineer Thomas Bonderup

Thomas Bonderup works daily in TB Coding as a freelance software engineer specializing in scalability. I work primarily on a project basis both on-site with the customer and remote.

I am currently studying a Master of Science in Computer Science and Informatics at Roskilde University. In addition, I have a professional bachelor’s degree in software development at UCL Odense, as well as a computer science education at UCN Aalborg.

In my spare time I like to spend time on fitness, where I do strength training a couple of times a week. I am also often out for long walks or hiking in nature. I live in Denmark, where I work daily in Odense, which is known for Odense Robotics Cluster and as H.C Andersen hometown.