About TB Coding

TB Coding is founded and operated by freelance software developer Thomas Winther Bonderup. I have competencies in the field of self-driving cars, which is the area I focus on. Here I do work with artificial intelligence, robotics, software development and IT security. In addition, I have a great passion for space technology.

I am a software developer, and I am currently studying a bachelor in software development in Odense – Denmark. I have been working with software development since 2012, and today I run a smaller portfolio of my own software projects. It makes me a very strong partner in the development of software and business development.

Always be learning

The world is developing rapidly today, and it is especially fast within the technology industry. In order to keep track of this industry, I devote daily time to focused learning as a software developer. Here I study the latest trends in software development, business, sales and marketing, but also the very fundamental in computer science, so I can create new innovative technology. I am constantly looking for new tools and software that can help me create more value for my customers.

Hard Work

I’ve always had a big drive and passion for what I’m doing. Over the years, I have built a high and effective work ethic that I use to create great value for my customers. Most of my youth I have used in elite sports (handball), who have learned a lot about teamwork and what it takes to be able to join the highest level. I have later joined the IT industry, where I today help customers from all over the world to solve their software problems.

Deep Work

I often work deeply and focused for several hours at a time as it helps me solve difficult issues / tasks in software development, and it helps to acquire new knowledge faster. Therefore, I’m not always so quick to answer phone and email, but I do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.