Podcast about Artificial Intelligence

Here is the collection of good podcasts about artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence Podcast – Lex Friman Artificial Intelligence Podcast The AI Element The AI ​​Element is a good podcast about how artificial intelligence transforms industries and how artificial intelligence can be used today and in the future. You can listen to the podcast free here […]

Yann LeCun – The Next Step Towards Artificial Intelligence

Yann Lecun has recently held a good lecture on artificial intelligence – The Next Step Towards Artificial Intelligence. He talks about artificial intelligence through time, with lots of good examples, how they use artificial intelligence at Facebook and Instagram, and what the next steps are in the development of artificial intelligence. About Yann Lecun Yann […]

SpotMini Autonomous Navigation

In the video below you will see the Boston Dynamics robot SpotMini, which navigates entirely on its own in a variety of environments. The SpotMini robot moves through office facilities and goes up and down the stairs.

Try Lyrebird’s voice cloning and text-to-speech software

Lyrebird has made a free software tool for voice cloning and text to speech. On Lyrebird’s website you can speak your own voice in English by reading a series of sentences in English. All of these sentences are stored in a data set that is used to train Lyrebird’s artificial intelligence. After a few minutes […]


Fake news is a major issue on the Internet and social media. Deepfakes is a new phenomenon, using artificial intelligence to make fake videos. In the video below, you can see a deepfake video of former US President Barack Obama, using artificial intelligence to make Obama say different sentences.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence revolutionizes the world with great speed and turns up and down on all industries today. Bloomberg has just released a good documentary about The Rise of Artificial Intelligence, which tells a little about where this new revolutionary technology comes from and why artificial intelligence develops so rapidly.

Graduated Computer Science

Now I’m an official graduate computer scientist (AP Graduate in Computer Science) with a 12th grade in the final exam and an average of 10.25. It was celebrated with a good bottle of Amarone Sartori wine, and then later a trip in the city of Aalborg. We were then awarded a diploma to dimission a […]