Graduated Computer Science

Now I’m an official graduate computer scientist (AP Graduate in Computer Science) with a 12th grade in the final exam and an average of 10.25. It was celebrated with a good bottle of Amarone Sartori wine, and then later a trip in the city of Aalborg. We were then awarded a diploma to dimission a few days later.

I have chosen not to read on in the first place, as I would like more time for freelance programming and work on own projects. I have plenty to get started with, and of course there is also the opportunity to find a full-time or part-time job as a programmer.

This does not mean, however, that I’m completely finished training at the university. I am considering looking into some form of superstructure on the computer technician here until summer 2016. Here I have looked at a bachelor’s degree program in software development, which is a direct overlay on the computer technician. I have also looked at AAU’s robotics, which is a bachelor’s degree in robotics. Whatever I do, I do not know yet.

I have been very successful in following computer science courses online on utacity, and that’s something I plan to spend the next time, now that I’m not officially undergoing education. It will be great to keep more focus, as I do not have to balance between school and work all the time. You will certainly also feel like a customer.

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