Blenstrup IF

TB Coding has made a whole new wordpress website to Blenstrup IF, which replaces their old CMSimple website. The website still contains all the old pictures and texts just in a modernized version. You can see the website at

Blenstrup IF has a football department and a handball division. Blenstrup IF participates in the event of 2 major events in Blenstrup city: Pentecost & Majbøg and sports week. There are 2 major events that attract hundreds of people each year. There are good sponsorship opportunities in Blenstrup IF if you have a company in North Jutland.

Blenstrup IF’s new websites have a responsive design to work on computer, tablet and smartphone. The website is search engine optimized on the individual pages, and there will be ongoing work on internal and external linkbuilding as more content gets on the website.

There is built-in blog functionality on the website, which gives Blenstrup IF the opportunity to add new content with text, images and video.

TB Coding has helped Blenstrup IF with the following:

  • Restore and configure web hosting
  • Installation and setup of wordpress
  • Set up of subpages (football, handball, pin market & majbøj, sports team, sponsor, news, pictures, board, contact etc)
  • Setting up the facebook widget in sidebar and footer
  • Set of slides with 2 slides on cover
  • Countdown timer / countdown timer for sports weekends
  • Category division of all the old pictures from the old website
  • Text formatting on the individual pages including the first blog post
  • Customize logo – work with photoshop

Feel free to contact me on phone (+45) 22393491 or by e-mail if you need help.