DanDomain A/S

Through our cooperation with TB Coding, we have promised our SEO. In Dandomain, we sell everything from domains, web sites, websites, webshops to tailor-made IT solutions. Our competencies range widely and it makes our segments as well. This places great demands on our SEO efforts and keyword report. Here, TB Coding has demonstrated its expertise and helped us to select the words that not only move our turnover but are also feasible. Throughout our collaboration, both Dandomain and I got an SEO boost. Personally I have been dressed and I have gained a great understanding of SEO both onsite and offsite. TB Coding is generally very good at sharing their knowledge. All of this has resulted in we ranking higher for those keywords that are of major importance to our online presence.

I can recommend TB Coding at any time.

Mads Bloch Lemvigh
Online Marketing Specialist At DanDomain A / S