Hshop.dk ApS

I run the handball blog haandboldnationen.dk in TB Coding, and in this connection I have made affiliate marketing for the handball webshop hshop.dk since March 2015. I promise to promote handball equipment from hshop.dk at haandboldnationen.dk against commission. This has resulted in increased turnover at hshop.dk + a lot of branding, as I reach out to hundreds of handball players and handball coaches on the handball nation every day. Haandboldnationen.dk works a bit like a blog for hshop.dk.

Hshop.dk is a relatively new webshop (from 2014), which sells handball equipment (handball shoes, handball, handball) and sports care (protection, compression, tape, ice cream etc). Everyone saw some things that handball players and handball coaches use in connection with handball.

I also help hshop.dk again and again with linkbuilding and magento development.

The purpose of HANDBOLDNATION.dk is to help handball players and handball coaches to become better at handball. Throughout the years I have made a lot of content that helps them get better at handball. There is therefore a very good synergy effect between handball.co.uk and hshop.dk. Haandboldnationen.dk is in depth with diet, handball training, handball rules, handball tournaments, etc. where hshop.dk deals with handball products.

I highly recommend that you make a blog for your webshop. I’d rather help if you need help. I can help with:

  • Website setup (blog).
  • Create a lot of content about your products and services.
  • Online marketing of the blog.

There is also the opportunity to collaborate with an existing blog. Here you are welcome to contact me as I also run a fitness blog, gadget blog and an it blog.