TB Coding has created a new woocommerce webshop, which you can look at It is a Danish webshop that sells specialty beer on subscription. This is a new concept in the specialty beer industry, where the customer receives a box of 6 or 12 specialty beets each month.

TB Coding has helped all the way from the idea phase and launch of the new webshop.

TB Coding has helped Luxbeer with the following:

  • Setup of wordpress and various plugins
  • Setting up of coming soon page in conjunction with launch of
  • Setup of the woocommerce webshop.
  • Setup of woocommerce subscription.
  • Setting up Quickpay Payment Solution and Clearhaus Redemption Agreement.
  • Setting up mailchimp and newsletter.
  • Setting of beer tasting offer form.
  • Search engine optimization of the webshop.
  • Setup of ssl certificate.
  • Set of package labels.