Sørensen Transport og Handel

TB Coding stands for the development of Sørensen Transport and Trade’s new wordpress woocommerce webshop Sørensen Biobrændsel.

Sørensenbiobrændsel.dk is a brand new webshop with built-in rental functionality and dynamic delivery prices. Deposit functionality has subsequently been developed, so the customer pays a deposit on goods that are first paid after delivery. There is also a connected Google Maps API, where you can see the areas Sørensen Biofuel supplies in Denmark.

Sørensen Biofuel sells biofuels in the form of loose goods and pallet products. They also sell stones and gravel, but they are not sold at the webshop at first. Sørensen Biobrændsel also offers transport service to their customers (lift and crane, truck with tips, truck and windshield truck). You can also rent various machines at Sørensen Biofuel.

Sørensen Transport and Trade has existed for many years, and they are one of the major distributors in Jutland of biofuels.

TB Coding has helped Sørensen Transport and Trade with the following:

  • Booking of webhotel and domain soerensen-biobraendsel.dk
  • Redelegering av sørensen-biofuel.dk (domain transfer)
  • Redirect from sørensen-biofuel.dk to soerensen-biobraendsel.dk
  • Installation and setup of wordpress
  • Installation and setup of various wordpress plugins
  • Set up of subpages
  • Setting up dynamic prices for products (pallets and loose goods) and delivery
  • Layout of rental functionality
  • Setup of ssl certificate
  • Editing graphic material (photoshop)
  • Search engine optimization of soerensen-biobraendsel.dk (internal SEO and external SEO)