TB Coding has delivered a wordpress website solution to the automation company S W Automation, which offers PLC, HMI and SCADA programming. S W Automation has Novo Nordisk, Marel, TIC and Swisslog in their customer portfolio.

Link to S W Automation’s new website: swautomation.dk

S W Automation wanted to become more visible on the internet so that new and existing customers could get a better knowledge of S W Automation. TB Coding therefore recommended S W Automation to create a wordpress website that focused on the company’s core services and customer references. S W Automation had the same plan in mind that the website should be based on the automation industry. Hand was given and TB Coding was put on the task.

TB Coding started the task of researching the automation industry. We soon found out that the automation industry had many old and outdated website solutions. So it’s good that TB Coding delivers fast and mobile-friendly websites. A fast and mobile-friendly website provides a better customer experience and better placements on google.

S W Automation uses a dark blue color on its business cards, so we chose to use the same color on the website. The dark blue color also fits well into the automation industry.

The website of S W Automation is built in wordpress, which is a popular and user-friendly website system. S W Automation can, for example, enter and edit the texts and pictures on the website, and it is also possible to move around the layout on the individual pages using drag and drop.

TB Coding has helped S W Automation with the following:

  • Competitor analysis / market analysis
  • Order of domain and webhotel
  • Domain and web hosting setup
  • Installation of wordpress
  • Setup of wordpress and plugins
  • Search engine optimization of the website
  • Speed optimization of the website
  • Text Work
  • Graphical work
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Set up of google webmaster tools