Terndrup IF

TB Coding has partnered with the football club Terndrup IF Fodbold, where TB Coding now stands for the development, maintenance and online marketing of their website. TB Coding also stands for the setup and development of Terndrup IF’s new info screen for their clubhouse.

Initially, TB Coding needs to make a major restructuring on the website, where the focus is on making Terndrup IF’s sponsors more visible. In addition, a major update of all information on the website is required as the new football season is on the stairs. There are a lot of team information to be updated.

TB Coding has later made a woocommerce webshop at terndrupif.dk, so members can pay for contestants, training clothes, etc.

TB Coding has helped Terndrup IF with the following:

  • Setup of the woocommerce webshop
  • Payment solution setup
  • New ideas and focus points on the website
  • New sponsor page + sponsor logos at the bottom of the website
  • Updating club information (coaches, players, position, board, cafeteria etc.)
  • Added membership section (contributor, submission form and withdrawal form)
  • Added new activities (stand lifting, football school)
  • Onpage SEO (better internal link structure, title tags, image optimization, writer / optimization of texts, 301 redirect of all urls)
  • Optimize the footer / bottom part on the website
  • New front page with sponsor, overview of football team, club overview
  • Terndrup IF song from soundcloud added to the website
  • Inferior to Terndrup IF clubhouse
  • Set up of google webmaster tools
  • Setup of yoast seo plugin